Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just wanted to in. This past week, I decided to get on the consistent, thought out, and executed training banwagon again. It's nice to be back!

As I was going for a post-bike ride swim this Saturday, someone on the beach saw my OmniPod and asked me about it. He had one too!! He also showed me his medic alert system--a tattoo on his upper arm. Pretty cool, I have never seen that before. It was really exciting to meet another local Type 1 who is active. Nice meeting you Emil--I hope to see you at a Dawn Phenom event soon!!

So, my well thought out plans for the near future are to build core and overall strength. Explosive plyometric training with my awesome trainer Nicky (who just one her division at a local figure contest) is going to help to get me there.

Another thing that is helping to get me there is inspiration from other Triabetes members like Alex who just completed and kicked butt at Ironman Kona and Brian who just finished his first marathon. Way to go guys! You are really helping me find my drive and committment again.