Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year In Review

I might be getting ahead of things by a few days, but wanted to look at what happened this year. I challenged myself this year to do things that I wasn't comfortable with. I really wanted to start with a fresh attitude and new outlook. This seems to have worked out well. I went out on a catamaran with my friend Cynthia on New Year's Day and swam with fish--I realize that is not too crazy, but for me something that I do not like and typically have to start somewhere. I tried to learn how to surf. I went to Korea. I went out my first date in 12 years.

The best thing that I did by far this year was to link up with the Triabetes crew. This was scary. I didn't like to admit my diabetes to myself let alone talk to other people about it. I have gained so much through this program, and am glad that I took the chance. I have learned a lot and have met some amazing people. The best lesson that I learned is that living with diabetes involves more than insulin. It is a mix of nutrition, lifestyle, attitude, and insulin. I have been doing a lot of this for years, but am now more mindful of what I am doing.

Next project for 2011, "be happy." I don't think that it is necessarily hard to be happy, but many times it gets lost in the mix of daily stressors. I have set my sights to try to proactively capture happiness and hold on to it when times get tough.