Thursday, June 2, 2011

Small Victories

Today was a banner day. After almost 12 months of dealing with my doctor and my insurance company, I was approved for a DEXCOM continuous glucose monitor. When I got the news at work, I was breathless. It was one of those feelings that you get when you nail a job interview, have a PR race, or meet that someone special. You don't get that feeling very often, but when you do, you savor it and let the feeling wash over you as long as possible.

The DEXCOM wasn't the only thing that went right today. I replaced the memory in my computer. Oh yeah, you heard me. I am a self described technophobe, and I unscrewed some screws on my computer and installed some memory. As a result, I now have my Microsoft Office suite back AND my wireless printer. After a trip to the Apple store this weekend where I had to have everything erased and re-loaded, after not being able to print for over a month, after doing my graduate course homework in TextEditor last week---I FIXED MY COMPUTER!!

Oh yeah, and did I mention my windshield wipers. I replaced those on my car too---after having the replacements in my car over a month because I didn't know how to do it. And, I fixed a problem on my phone (ok--all I did was shut it off and turn it back on, but I am not being picky.)

Are you jealous yet? You should be. After what seems to be three continuous years of massive life upheavals, heartache, and bad news--I finally had a day where I recognized everything that went right. Of course I have had good days, but I have been too overwhelmed with the big things in life to appreciate the small ones. Today the small victories overpowered me, and I am glad for it. I am more happy and content today than I have been for a while--all because I had the fortitude to record my BGs five times a day for four straight months....and my handy home tool kit had the right screwdriver that I needed at the right time.

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