Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bring it on February....

I was so ready to be done with January. Bring it on February, I think that I can take you!

What I really wanted to post about was the wonder of caffeine. I took a hiatus from artificial sweeteners in November. The problem is that my old friend Diet Coke was my primary caffeine supplier. I have been fuzzy ever since. Ahh, the clarity of caffeine. I have rediscovered the technicolor focus of caffeine with the help of black tea and the occasional diet soda. It is amazing. I am still trying to limit artificial sweeteners as much as possible, however, I haven't really seen a stabilization or lowering of my sugars which was the point of my experiment.

I also wanted to throw a shout out to my Triabetes family. I saw many of them in Carlsbad for the Carlsbad Half/Full Marathon in January. You all have a special place in my heart and continually challenge me to be a better Type 1, a better athlete, and a better person. THANK YOU.


  1. I've tried to cut the amount of caffeine I consume, too. I still drink two cups of coffee daily, but no more "energy" drinks and only an occasional diet soda.

    I think the connection between artificial sweeteners and more stable blood sugar does exist, but is probably indirect. I've heard that they initially trick your body into thinking it's getting high calorie sugary food or drink, but then you don't feel satisfied by the empty nutritionless "food" so you're more likely to eat stuff that will fill the void.

  2. I loved that trip to Carlsbad. It was definitley relentlessly awesome! :)

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